Parrot food: Why foraging is important to pet parrots?

African grey parrot playing with foraging toy

It’s well-known that many domestic parrots deal with mental health problems that can present in plucking, screaming, biting and other unwanted behaviours. The cause, in many cases? Boredom. Now, you can give your parrot more toys, but there’s also another option that might even be superior: foraging. This usually involves concealing parrot food and encouraging

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Kakariki Care Guide & Profile – Parrot Essentials

Kakariki Care Guide - Pair of Birds

KAKARIKI CARE GUIDE, PROFILE, FACTS AND REQUIREMENTS Learn the basic facts and housing requirements with this Kakariki Care Guide. Find out of their food requirements and if Kakarikis are suitable parrots as pets. Common name: KAKARIKI Latin name: Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae (Red-fronted), Cyanoramphus auriceps (Yellow-fronted), Cyanoramphus malherbi (Orange-fronted) Length: 25 – 28cm (10 – 13in) Weight:

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