Blue Headed Pionus – Profile & Care Guide

blue headed pionus

Common name: Blue Headed Pionus Latin name: Pionus menstruus Length: 28cms/11 inches Weight: 250-270 grams Life Span: up to 40 years Origin: These birds are native to southern Costa Rica in Central America, through South America to northern Bolivia and central Brazil, and on Trinidad. Noise Level: Low Intelligence The Blue-headed Pionus are active, intelligent

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Maximillian Pionus – Profile & Care Guide

Maximillian Pionus

Common name: Maximillian Pionus Latin name: Pionus maximilliani Length: 29cms/11.5 inches Weight: 225-275 grams Life Span: 40 years Origin: North Eash Brazil from Espírito Santo north to Piauí and Ceará Noise Level: Medium Intelligence These little parrots are very inquisitive, intelligent and have very good memories. Once they have learned a behavior such as stepping

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