Patagonian Conure – Profile & Care Guide

Common name: Patagonian Conure Latin name: Cyanoliseus patagonus Length: 45cms/18 inches Weight: 256 – 281 grams Life Span: 20 – 30 years Origin: South-central Argentina, Chile and Uruguay Noise Level: Very noisy Intelligence These birds are quite intelligent, and can become fairly good talkers. However they do have a harsh voice and can get rather

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Blue Throated Conure – Profile & Care Guide

blue throated conure

Common name: Blue Throated Conure Latin name: Pyrrhura cruentata Length: 30cm/11.8 inches Weight: 90 grams Life Span: 15 – 25 years Origin: E Brazil, from southern Bahia south to Rio de Janeiro. Noise Level: Low Intelligence Blue Throated Conures are highly intelligent birds. Words cannot even describe how smart these little birds are. They love

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