Parrot Diet: Converting Your Bird to Parrot Pellets

Yellow lovebird (Agapornis) with red face eating parrot pellets from human hand.

It’s a much-debated subject among parrot enthusiasts: should parrot diet consist of seeds or pellets? Seeds are the classic choice but research suggests that parrot pellets are the superior staple option. Let’s go into why you should switch your parrot to a pelleted diet and, more importantly, how to do so. Why should your bird

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Parrot food: Why foraging is important to pet parrots?

African grey parrot playing with foraging toy

It’s well-known that many domestic parrots deal with mental health problems that can present in plucking, screaming, biting and other unwanted behaviours. The cause, in many cases? Boredom. Now, you can give your parrot more toys, but there’s also another option that might even be superior: foraging. This usually involves concealing parrot food and encouraging

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