Timneh African Grey – Profile & Care Guide

Timneh African Grey

Common name: Timneh African Grey Latin name: Psittacus erithacus timneh Length: 30.5cm /12 inches Weight: 237 – 275 grams Life Span: 40 years or more Origin: western parts of the upper Guinea forests and the bordering savannah’s of West Africa from Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Southern Mali. Noise Level: Moderate!           

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Peach Face Lovebird – Profile & Care Guide

Peach Face Lovebird

Common name: Peach Face Lovebird Latin name: Agapornis roseicollis Length: 16.5 cms / 6.5 inches Weight: 43 – 63 grams Life Span: 4 – 12 years Origin: South-western Africa Noise Level: A shrill, staccato shriek! Peach Face Lovebird – Browse our selection of Food, Toys, Cages & Accessories suitable for this species by clicking HERE Intelligence

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Green Winged Macaw – Profile & Care Guide

Common name: Green Winged Macaw Latin name: Ara chloropera Length: 95 cms / 37 inches Weight: 1100 – 1300 grams Life Span: up to 60 years Origin: Mexico, Central America, South America Noise Level: Loud!            Intelligence A bit more outgoing than some of the other macaws, the green-winged macaw will

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