Parrot aggression: Explanations and solutions

Amazon parrot nibbling hand | How to deal with an aggressive parrot

It can be heartbreaking if your previously snuggly parrot seems to become aggressive overnight, or if the long-awaited feathered addition to the family doesn’t turn out to be as friendly as you would have hoped. How does one cope with parrot aggression? Let’s go into some possible reasons for parrot aggression (it’s not always easy

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Why do pet parrots like to bathe?

Quaker parrot bathing

Most of us know that birds in general bathe from time to time. New parrot owners, though, are sometimes left amazed at how much their feathered friend loves to take a bath! Let’s talk about parrot bathing.  Why do pet parrots like to bathe? What’s the function of it, and should you keep a bird

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Sprouting seeds for parrots | In 4 steps

How to sprout seeds for your parrot

Here on the blog, we’ve talked before about the problems associated with a feeding your parrot a seed-heavy diet. We’re proponents of feeding pellets, which are less fatty and more suitable for domestic parrots. This being said: we also think seeds have their place. Especially sprouted ones! Let’s go into sprouting seeds for parrots and

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