Black Cockatoo – 2017 Great Cocky Count

Black Cockatoo Count 2017

Black Cockatoo Community Survey Count – 2017 Background Black Cockatoo Survey – The Great Cocky Count (GCC) is an annual citizen science survey for three threatened black-cockatoos in the southwest of Western Australia (WA). Volunteers are allocated to a known or potential roost site and use a standard protocol to record the numbers of black-cockatoos

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Which Parrot Species Should You Choose?

Which Parrot Species Should You Choose

Which Parrot Species Should You Choose? If you are thinking about buying your first Parrot, don’t think too big! First-time Parrot buyers often start too ambitiously and end up realizing they literally cannot handle such a large bird after all. The story gets even more complicated if the new owner still feels a bit ambivalent

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How to choose the right parrot cage

How to choose the right parrot cage? One of the basics of dedicated and caring bird ownership is providing your parrot with an adequate living space. With all the different sizes, colours, and models of bird cages available today, it is very easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for a home for pet parrots and

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