Blue Headed Pionus – Profile & Care Guide

Common name: Blue Headed Pionus
Latin name: Pionus menstruus
Length: 28cms/11 inches
Weight: 250-270 grams
Life Span: up to 40 years
Origin: These birds are native to southern Costa Rica in Central America, through South America to northern Bolivia and central Brazil, and on Trinidad.
Noise Level: Low

blue headed pionus blue headed pionus blue headed pionus


The Blue-headed Pionus are active, intelligent and inquisitive birds. Though they are not known to be the best talkers, they make up for this with their friendly disposition and fun antics.

Talking ability

Talking ability for Blue headed Pionus is not a real clear sound in their voice, some tend to be high pitch and some maybe a lower toned pitch in the voice pattern. Their voice sounds rather raspy or garbled.

Feather Plucking

The Blue headed Pionus is not prone to feather plucking. However, again, boredom could induce feather plucking.

Housing for your Blue Headed Pionus Parrot

  • A cage a minimum size of 61cm x 61cm x 81cm is recommended.
  • The bar spacing should be 2cm.
  • The bird should ideally be able to fly from perch to perch, especially if your bird is kept in the cage most of the day.


Feeding your Blue Headed Pionus

  • Their diet consists of seeds, fruits, berries, and green stuffs.
  • Including a formulated diet would also be beneficial.
  • Fresh clean water should be available at all times. Food and water dishes should be washed daily.


In summarising, the Blue-headed Pionus is noted for its gentle nature and can become a very devoted pet, sometimes bonding fiercely to their owner. They are considered an excellent bird for a beginner parrot owner, and because they are generally calm and quiet, they are also a great pet for people who live in apartments. 

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