Avisafe Disinfectant effective against Coronavirus

Avisafe Bird Disinfectant - Certified Against Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Avisafe Disinfectant – Certified Against Coronavirus The manufacturer of Avisafe Disinfectant has confirmed that this product is effective against Coronavirus at a 1:50 dilution rate!  The product is also DEFRA approved against Avian Flu! Protection for both bird keepers and their birds. Avisafe has a verified pass for both Feline and Human Coronavirus. This covers

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Parrot Care Tips during Emergency Situation


Parrot Care Tips During Emergencies We all have to deal with an emergency at some point in our life whether we like it or not. However, it is always better to face an emergency situation prepared than having to act on the go. Implementing these practical parrot care tips can save you time, stress and

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Parrot Brain – What makes them so intelligent?

Parrot Brain - Cockatoo Parrot

Study at the University of Alberta found that the Parrot brain is very similar to primate brains. Parrots have a large region which acts as an information superhighway between the two main areas of the brain. Overview If you’ve lived or worked with parrots, then you know first-hand that they are quite intelligent. Many of

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