Christmas Trees and Parrots

Christmas Trees and ParrotsThis time of year, nothing beats sitting in your cosy living room, sipping a hot drink by the twinkling lights of your meticulously decorated Christmas tree.

If you are the proud owner of a pet bird, however, there is more to consider when choosing a tree than the colour scheme.

The welfare and health of your bird or birds is naturally your top priority, and so researching which options are safe for your beloved pet is paramount. We’ve turned Parrot Essentials for further information.

Real Christmas trees

Not all real trees are poisonous to birds, although some have been known to cause problems for certain species of parrots. Pine is considered a safe tree for birds, but do be mindful of any sap produced by the tree, as this can stick to your bird’s feathers.

Additionally, pine has been listed as potentially harmful in some articles, but those mainly relate to wood shavings and so not relevant to bird keeping.

Further, even if the tree itself is not harmful to your bird, many Christmas tree farmers use fertilisers in the water used to sustain their trees and the trees are often sprayed with chemicals to prevent diseases and reduce needles from falling of the tree when you bring it inside.

Your bird is likely to want to perch on the tree, and may nibble on the pine needles while doing so. This is potentially dangerous, as pine needles are naturally prickly and can cause injury when ingested.

So, unless you plan to trek into the wilderness to chop down your own tree (good luck with that!), it is probably best to have an artificial tree, just to be on the safe side.

Artificial Christmas trees

Generally speaking, artificial trees are not harmful to pet birds, including parrots. However, bear in mind that your bird may still try to nibble on the branches of the tree, especially if it is very realistic looking.

As mentioned before, pine needles, whether real or fake, are prickly and can cause injury when ingested, so be mindful of this.

Christmas trees decorations

If your tree has been sprayed with fake snow, glitter, or any other decorative element, this can be poisonous to your bird (and humans too if ingested).

Christmas lights and decorations can break and become hazardous due to sharp edges (and exposed electricity in the case of fairy lights).

Cheaper decorations may contain heavy metals, which can also be toxic; and curious birds may peck on tinsel or ribbon, which can be a choking hazard or cause intestinal blockage.
All in all, if possible, it is best to try and keep your pet bird away from your tree altogether, for the welfare of both bird and tree!

Other Christmas plants

It is important to remember that Christmas trees – both real and artificial – are not the only potential danger to your pet bird in your home.

Many plants traditionally used as part of the Christmas presentation, such as Ivy, Holly and Poinsettia can be poisonous to pet birds, as well as popular decorative flowers like Chrysanthemum and Yew.

Lastly, and some of you may find this one particularly disappointing, Mistletoe can also be toxic to some birds, so un-pucker your lips and take it off the door frame! (Or at least hang it somewhere where your pet bird cannot reach it).

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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What the Happy Parrots have to say?

Happy Parrot

Happy Parrots

Happy Parrots = Happy Humans
In this page you share some of the pictures sent to us by our Feathered Shoppers.

4 July 2017

Ellie Amazon Parrot
“👍Ellie says thank you🌻”
Rainbow Wooden Parrot Ladder Toy Large



27 June 2017

Tabletop Parrot Stand with Toy Hanger & Feeder - Coppertone
“Yuna loves her new tabletop parrot stands. Thank you very much.”
Tabletop Parrot Stand with Toy Hanger & Feeder – Coppertone


27 June 2017

Replacement Vision corner Clips for Large Vision Cages - 4 pack
“Hi Anguel
The clips have just arrived, a perfect fit.
Thank you for your help
Great service and wonderful customer care
Very Kind Regards”
Replacement Vision corner Clips for Large Vision Cages – 4 pack

27 April 2017
Pak-o-Bird Parrot Backpack Carrier - X-Small
“c/o ‘Tilly’ inspecting her new ‘back-pack’ travel carrier! Though am afraid, not good photos, Tilly was very intrigued by it all + made herself at home!  Thank-you for email and for the little toy parrot present for  Tilly, which I have placed in her cage! The back-pack is wonderful idea, and though think that the food bowls are not well thought out, misplaced, it will be fun to take Tils ‘out ‘n about’ on her travels! Thank-you all again for your very quick response + good service, and, perhaps see you all at the ‘June 11th’ ‘Think Parrots Show’! ”
Averil c/o Tilly
Pak-o-Bird Parrot Backpack Carrier – X-Small

30 April 2017
Jungle Wood & Rope Ladder Parrot Toy
“Chiku loves her new rope ladder as you can see…..”
Jungle Wood & Rope Ladder Parrot Toy



20 April 2017
Challenge Ladder Activity Parrot Toy - Small“Dear Ben,

I have ordered a small ladder for our parakeets on Tuesday evening.
I have received the ladder which is of a great quality and as a surprise on top of it a sample of mixed seeds.

It is not the seeds that made difference in your costumer service but the hand written thank you note attached to it.

Thank you very much!

Wishing you all the best and many happy customers.

Kind regards, ”
Challenge Ladder Activity Parrot Toy – Small

9 April 2017
Aviator Parrot Harness“Princess took to the Aviator Parrot Harness from the first time we tried and now she comes everywhere with us.”
Keith – Princess (the cockatiel)
Aviator Parrot Harnesses for all parrot sizes



13 Feb 2017
“I just got my order today (a less mess feeder large and a parrot stand). My Senegal parrot already enjoys the feeder a lot, he spent all of his day in there eating, lol!”
Dragon (Senegal Parrot) & GIGI PAPA
Parrot Food Mate – Acrylic Less Mess Feeder – Large

Kracker on a perch14 Dec 2016
“Vessey Highly delighted with my new perch and thanks for the seed if I ever need anything else I shall get a member of my staff to contact you.”
Best Wishes Kracker
Zoo Max Shower & Window Parrot Perch Medium