Parrot Zoo has a new name: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Steve Nichols at the newly named Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The world famous Parrot Zoo in Friskney, near Boston is changing its name to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. After carrying a marketing research on social media Steve Nichols and the charity’s patron, TV illusionist Darren Brown discovered that at least 35 women who had influence on the choice of family day out, would not go somewhere

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Wendy Huntbatch dies age 71

Wendy Huntbatch

Wendy Huntbatch died 3 February 2016 according to Times Colonist. Wendy devoted her life caring for unwanted parrots at the 23,000 non-profit World Parrot Refuge in Coombs. Wendy’s desire to help unwanted parrots started in 1990 after someone broke into an outbuilding and stole their own parrots. When the news spread people started calling and

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Why do Parrots Bite and What can you do?

Mirt stepping up for a stranger

Why do parrots bite? In this article our resident blogger Dorothy Schwarz shares here opinion and experience about parrot biting and how we can avoid it. My first two parrots were (and still are) non-biting, being a pair of Red-tailed African Greys hand reared by Barrett Watson in Suffolk. They came fully weaned, flighted, knowing

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