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Tim Wright published – Parrots of the Wild – as part of mentor’s legacy

Parrots are very intelligent, create tight social bonds and many species can live over 50 years some even 100 years. Tim Wright considers them the most human of all birds. “There’s a reason that they can be such charming pets: they have a lot of characteristics that we think of as human,” Wright said. “They’re […]

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Alex the African Grey Parrot – Smarter Than Average Four-Year-Old

Alex the African Gray Parrot Was Smarter Than Your Average Four-Year-Old by GABRIELLE CANON In 1977, animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg went into a pet shop to purchase a parrot. The one-year-old African grey, randomly chosen by the store clerk, was named Alex—or more specifically ALEx—the acronym for Avian Learning Experiment. For the next 30 years […]

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Free Parrot Training Webinar by Barbara Heidenreich

Free Parrot Training Webinar is Back! Hopefully for Good with your Support I have to be honest, while my name may be somewhat known, I am like many in the animal business and make a modest living. As an animal lover I struggle with the inner battle that many share, of needing to make a […]

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