Monthly Archives: September 2015

Village of Westmont Created Calendar ‘People & Their Pets’ to Promote Animal Adoption

Here at Parrot Essentials, we offer you a large range of colourful high quality parrot calendars for the upcoming year, however we believe it will be very interesting for you to read about the initiative from the Westmont Village Community.     Employees from Village of Westmont have created a pet calendar to help promote […]

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Parrots try to communicate with humans through body language, actions and vocalizations. Here are some basic parrot behaviours to give you the ability to understand what parrots are trying to communicate to humans. Knowing these behaviours will give you a better understanding in order to have a successful communicative relationship with your feathered companion. Parrot […]

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OEH launched online tool for monitoring the Superb Parrot

The Office of Environment and Heritage launched an online data collection tool in order to help recording the sightings of the superb parrot. The monitoring of the parrots should help in protecting the species. The Superb Parrot is one of the threatened bird species. The OEH says that these green parrots are easy to identify […]

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