Monthly Archives: August 2015

Benni at Liberty – The Free Flying Parrot

Benni at Liberty – The Free Flying Parrot by Dorothy Schwarz So my dream of a free flying parrot has materialised. Will it continue to be a success? Benni was hatched next to my aviaries. I let Ben Duffrin erect an aviary next to mine to house his pair of breeding Blue and Gold macaws.  […]

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How to keep birds happy

How to keep birds happy by Dorothy Schwarz You can keep birds happy when you give them what they need. Now who is to say what a bird needs? Here are some official guidelines for the United Kingdom DEFRA (Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs) states these guidelines. A bird’s welfare needs include The need […]

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Two Animal Training Tools I Can’t Live Without

When it comes to animal training you often hear people sing the praises of positive reinforcement. Me too! I love it. But there are two other tools that I can’t live without, systematic desensitization and classical conditioning. Try saying those three times fast! They sound like a mouthful, but they really are very important tools, […]

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