Seychelles: British Researcher’s Genetic Study Highlights Urgency of Saving Endemic Seychelles Black Parrot

By John Lablache and Sharon Uranie

Victoria — The Seychelles Black Parrot is one of the Indian Ocean archipelago’s thirteen endemic bird species, a status it achieved early last year after being recognised as a distinct species, Coracopsis barklyi, by taxonomic experts. Continue reading “Seychelles: British Researcher’s Genetic Study Highlights Urgency of Saving Endemic Seychelles Black Parrot” »

World Parrot Trust-Endorsed 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages

Liberta UK

Parrot Essentials Offers New, World Parrot Trust-Endorsed 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages

Top quality parrot products supplier lets parrot owners take advantage of all new, quality cages

World Parrot Trust endorses Liberta CagesIsleworth, United Kingdom: February 20, 2015 – Parrot Essentials, a high-quality parrot products and service provider, has announced that it would be including among its excellent offerings the ultra-durable 2nd edition Liberta Parrot Cage line. This promising new product line is from a highly reputable brand, which now holds the honor of being endorsed by the World Parrot Trust, a feat achieved for the very first time.

Parrot Essentials is more than excited to be offering this great new product on our online store,” says the director of Parrot Essentials, Anguel Iordanov. “We are always on the lookout for the best products in the market for parrots that owners will absolutely love. The 2nd Edition Parrot Cages from Liberta are definitely product line that parrot lovers will surely want for their pet. It has amazing and resilient features that will protect parrots while giving them an ample amount of comfort and security.”

Liberta Cages CertificateParrot Essentials is more than just a parrot products supplier. The company prides itself on being as equally passionate about everything that sees to the well-being of parrots as the owners themselves. Through this dedication, Parrot Essentials has risen to become a highly respected and trusted supplier that parrot owners have come to regard as their go-to provider for everything for their pet. The company’s line offers a wide range of quality parrot products, from toys to cages, and also features a unique parrot hotel for when owners need someone to watch after their pet while they attend to some emergency or vacation.

Turret Parrot StandEach product from Liberta’s latest parrot cage range comes with such valuable features as larger, stronger door locks, thicker frame and bars, higher quality, non –toxic paint finishes and a new, improved packaging to ensure safe delivery. With each 2nd edition Liberta parrot cage also comes a basic tool kit for self-assembly, a booklet with easy-to-follow instructions, three free Liberta toys, a Liberta certificate of authenticity, 6 months free membership to the World Parrot Trust, and a recommendation and endorsement from the World Parrot Trust.

Liberta reports that provided the shipping schedule keeps on track, all 2nd edition parrot cages will be available from last week in February.

To learn more about the 2nd Edition Liberta Parrot Cages, their features and availability, release of new products or for any inquiry, contact at 0800 327 7511 or email at Visit the website at or connect with Parrot Essentials on Facebook at

About Parrot Essentials

Parrot Essentials is a top supplier of parrot products, including a boarding hotel service for parrots whenever their owners need to go away on a holiday. Parrot Essentials understands the needs of parrots and has specifically outlined their services for the welfare of parrots. The company’s clients are always confident that their needs will be looked after, for Parrot Essentials delivers only high quality service and products that are made from the best materials available.

Peach Face Lovebird – Profile & Care Guide

Peach Face Lovebird

Common name: Peach Face Lovebird
Latin name: Agapornis roseicollis
Length: 16.5 cms / 6.5 inches
Weight: 43 – 63 grams
Life Span: 4 – 12 years
Origin: South-western Africa
Noise Level: A shrill, staccato shriek!

Peach Face Lovebird
Peach Face LovebirdPeach Face Lovebird

Peach Face Lovebird – Browse our selection of Food, Toys, Cages & Accessories suitable for this species by clicking HERE


They are intelligent, gregarious and playful. They do enjoy and require interaction with other lovebirds and/or family members.

Talking ability

Fair; not known as a talker, but they do enjoy learning tricks!

Feather Plucking

Although it is not as common in these lovebirds to feather pluck, it does still happen. They do require daily mental stimulation.

Housing for your Peach Face Lovebird

  • As a rule the cage should be a minimum of 36″ H x 24″ L x 24″ W for one or a pair. The larger, the better.
  • Some may require some supervised time out of their cage each day.

Feeding Peach Face Lovebird

  • They are not known to be fussy eaters.
  • Provide 65-80% of a high-quality commercial pellet diet. The rest of the diet should consist of 15-30% vegetables and 5% fresh fruits. Use many varieties of fruits and vegetables, washed thoroughly.
  • Provide large amounts of fresh water (they do enjoy bathing in this too!).

In summarising, lovebirds do love to huddle together, leading to the popular but erroneous belief that they must have mates to survive. A lovebird kept singly and given plenty of attention can make a great pet. They do not get along well with other species and are best kept only with other lovebirds. This is a very spirited bird, often considered “feisty.”