Monthly Archives: January 2015

Macaw Parrot Calendar GIVE-AWAY

Macaw Parrot Calendar FREE High Quality 2015 Calendars. To CLAIM your calendar just post a picture of your parrot on our Facebook page Today is the Macaw Parrot Calendar. Competition ENDS at midnight tomorrow. The picture with the most likes WINS the Macaw Parrot Calendar. Keep posting, GOOD LUCK and Don’t Forget to Like […]

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Keep Your Parrot Happy & Healthy – 12 Simple Steps

Big Home – Step 1 Parrots need a cage that is large enough for them to move about in, fully stretch their wings in and comfortably play in when you are not around. The cage should have enough space to accommodate their food, toys, perches and treats too. Do get the biggest cage that you can possibly afford, one […]

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